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A tale of many smoothies

The Smoothie Database

Discover the best smoothies!

The Smoothie Database is a collection of smoothie reviews that is searchable by ingredient. Each smoothie features a video review and visitor rating area.

Ways to use The Smoothie Database

  • Find new recipes
  • Watch video reviews
  • Save money by making satisfying smoothies at home
  • Increase at-home smoothie creativity
  • Find smoothies that include ingredients already on-hand to reduce food waste
  • Find recipes that are as simple or complex as desired
  • Join an active smoothie community!

How to use The Smoothie Database:

  • Click on the arrow next to the desired category (ie. fruit, vegetables, etc)
  • Select the desired ingredients from the drop-down list
    • Some ingredients existed as a subcategory within a category.  For example, to find “kale”, one would click to open “vegetables” and then click “greens’ to see all the leafy greens.
  • Press search

How to investigate the resulting smoothies:

  • Navigate to the smoothie of interest
  • Watch the video review
  • Read visitor ratings and comments

Which blender is used in The Smoothie Database?

All recipes are prepared using the Vitamix TurboBlend VS.