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A tale of many smoothies

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Just Peachy

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This recipe was the first out of our new book – The Healthy Green Drink Diet. This was the first example (of many to come) where the recipe author leaves a lot of flexibility in how the drink comes out

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Green Smoothies for Kids – Tips and Advice

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Many people have asked me about how to make green smoothies for kids.  One of my colleques in watching her weight and using green smoothies to regulate calorie intake and to make sure she gets enough greens.  Her two daughters are also overweight and have been resistant to any smoothies that contain vegetables or ‘unusual’ ingredients (i.e. chia seeds, nuts, etc). While I don’t have human children, I do have three overly intelligent animals that do not fall for...

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Smoothie Recipes from the LiveFresh Cookbook

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After about 8 months and 80 videos, all of the smoothie recipes and juice recipes have been reviewed from the LiveFresh Raw/Vegan/Vegetarian cookbook! It was an intense and revealing start to our smoothie journey.

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