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A tale of many smoothies

Green Smoothie Tools

Green smoothies are a fantastic way to get tons of nutrition and energy.  With all of the green smoothie recipes available, it’s not easy to stop after trying just one.  Give them all a try! While many smoothie recipes are easy with only a blender, green smoothie recipes and other recipes with more ‘challenging’ ingredients may need a few extra tools.
Smoothie Tools
We believe in keeping your smoothie routine (green smoothie or not) simple.  Below is a list of the items we have found to be very helpful in making smoothies an easy and convenient part of our lifestyle.
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Good Blender

It makes it happen

A good, high-speed blender will literally change your life.  There are few things as unsatisfying as purchasing nice ingredients to create a delicious smoothie recipe only to have a chunky drink with flakes of green leaves scattered through.  Green smoothie recipes are so easy with a good blender and you do not have to spend a fortune on it.

Our smoothie weapon of choice is the Vitamix Turboblend.  We use it for making green smoothies, warm raw soups, raw cheeses and a variety of spreads and dips.  These advantages and other perks are listed here if you care to read more. It was a worthwhile investment and has a great warranty.  We condensed the list of features from the Vitamix site so you can read all about the specs here.  However, if you do not want to spend $300+, there are other options reputed to also be fine smoothie making machines.  In order of excellence, we think the runner-up is the Blendtec followed by the Nutribullet.


Vitamix BlenderBlendtec BlenderNutribullet Blender
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Simple Storage for smoothie ingredients

We like to recycle jars that once held salsa, tomato sauce, etc and use them for ingredient storage.  Mason jars are also great.  There is a sample picture of a simple jar set below, but really anything will work.  Our recycled jars work perfectly for dried fruit and seeds.  We bought a few humongous jars for almonds and cashews because we use those a lot.  It just depends on quantity you plan to store, whether or not you can get your hand/measuring cup into it and what kind of ingredient it will hold (i.e. liquid or solids).

Example of Glass Jars
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o-go cup

Take your smoothie everywhere

Again, we make this as simple as possible by using jars that have a nicely sealing lid.  I like to take a big, robust smoothie to work as my late morning meal, so a tomato sauce jar works great.  If you’re unable to remove the sauce label, you might get a few odd looks, but then you have a great ice breaker!

Empty Pasta Sauce Jars for Smoothies
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harp Knife

Keep Ingredient Prep Easy, Quick and Clean

Have you tried opening a young Thai coconut with an unsuitable knife?  How about cleanly slicing kale leaves from their stems?  A nice, sharp knife will ease the burden of preparation.  We use a Wusthof 4582 Classic, but only because we already owned it prior to adding smoothies to our lives.  It works like a gem for everything except opening coconuts.

One method for opening coconuts is to shave off the fleshy white outer layer and then use the heel (the cutting edge farthest from the tip, right before the blade merges into the handle) to penetrate the hard inner shell.  If the heel is sharp, your knife will go right in, which allows the rest of the blade to wiggle into the shell and you can cut off the top of the coconut (check out this video for an example).

Our knife has a thick heel, so I just whack the inner shell until I create an unattractive crack.  I then drain the coconut water out before I attempt to crack open the rest of the shell.

Aside from opening coconuts, a sharp knife will keep prep time smooth, clean and efficient.

Wusthof Knife 4582 Classic
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upplements and Superfoods

Create Smoothie Variety

I love playing around with superfoods and supplements.  I view some ingredients as absolutely essential – cacao for example!  You couldn’t make a Chocolate Temptation without it.  However, I’m not always a big fan of the price of some of these fancy ingredients, so I try new things out very gradually.  It’s fun to purchase a new ingredient and try it in all of your regular smoothie recipes to see how it affects the end result.

Because there are too many to mention here, there’s a page devoted to info on the supplements and superfoods that we have tried out on SmoothieQuest.  You can read all about them on Creating Smoothie Variety.

Creating Smoothie Variety
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ther Goodies & Extras

Good to have, but not Essential

There are always more tools you can add to your kitchen.  Below is a list of things we have found to be helpful and/or fun:

  •  Extra cutting board – If you are doing a particularly intense recipe, it’s always nice to have an extra set of hands to prep an ingredient.  It’s more efficient if the extra hands have their own cutting board.
  • Coconut De-Meater – Yeah, it’s a weird word, but it certainly makes de-meating a faster and cleaner process.  My favorite spatula/de-meater is no longer available but here is a link to something similar.
  • Glass Pitcher with Lid – I don’t remember where we bought ours but it basically looks like the one pictured here.  When I have company, I like to make a larger quantity of smoothie and sometimes I don’t want to pour it right away (i.e. everyone else is sleeping so if I keep it in the pitcher, I can shake it prior to pouring it when they wake up).  Also,  if I make a big batch of fresh juice, a glass pitcher with a lid is my storage preference.