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A tale of many smoothies

Green Powder

Green powder is a broad term for powders made from greens – typically dried grasses, dried vegetables and possibly algae.  Using green powder is smoothies is easy and convenient – no need to shop for fresh ingredients or perform any labor-intensive preparation.  However, the nutritional benefits are only a fraction of what is available with fresh ingredients (Review of Green Powders).

Green powders are diverse in composition.  The only way to discover your preference is to taste them.  Our favorite is actually found in a health food store, but unfortunately, it’s an hour away!  If we know we need it and know we won’t be able to drive there soon, we order online.


Green Powder Nutrition

There is some debate as to whether green powders have any value.  They are supposed to provide a big input of greens, which are alkaline; thereby helping make your body more alkaline (Green Powder).  However, when vegetables are dried and ground up to become a powder, most of their nutritional value is lost.  Scooping powder into a blender or drink is certainly simple.  But if you are making a smoothie, the ease of adding fresh kale or spinach is the same (especially if you buy them washed and bagged).  And those ingredients are truly superfoods!

One instance in which green powder would be handy is if you are traveling (or living) in places where there is the question as to what you will be able to safely eat.  In that case, when getting fresh greens is a challenge, it would certainly be valuable to maintain your body’s health by incorporating some green powder.


Green Powder in Smoothie Recipes

Green powders tend to have a distinct taste and will affect the flavor of the smoothie unless other, more powerful flavor ingredients are included as well.  Green powder can be found in many grocery stores and health food stores.  Some brands even carry single-use packets that you can buy and try out prior to committing to a large tub at a more expensive price.

The price varies depending on the brand and what is included in the powder.  For example, powders that contain more exotic or rare ingredients will cost more.  The cost of a similar unit of fresh ingredients will nearly always beat the cost of a unit of green powder.

Image of an example of the actual powder coming soon…


One example of a green powder.

One example of a green powder.


Nutrition label from the AmazingGrass green superfood powder

Nutrition label from the AmazingGrass green superfood powder