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A tale of many smoothies

Creating smoothie variety

The lowdown on other ingredients

[We are currently working to repair the grid.  You can hover your mouse over an icon to get the name of the recipe and still click through to get to its page.  We have also created a list of links that will take you to each ingredient’s info page.  Thank you for your patience.]

It can be challenging to shake up your normal routine and begin using different ingredients, especially when the ingredients are completely new to you, not just to your smoothies.  Protein powders, seeds, oils and supplements can all be great additions to a smoothie, if you know what to buy and which recipes to add them to.

Acai Powder
Bee Pollen
Cacao – Powder & Nibs
Chia Seeds
Coconut Oil & Butter
Flax Seeds
Goji Berry
Hemp Seeds
Kelp Powder
Lucuma Powder
Maca Powder
Protein Powders
Sunflower Seeds
Yacon Powder