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A tale of many smoothies

A Grape Pear

Posted in Banana, Grape, Kale, Orange, Pears, Recipes, Water | 0 comments

The pear and orange made for a very interesting combination and was actually enjoyed by Fred. Despite the numerous ingredients, the most prominent flavor was pear and the overall vibe was sweetness. Preparation was simple.

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Super Juice for the Eyes

Posted in Apple, Beet, Carrot, Celery, Pears, Recipes, SmoothieQuest Favorite, Spinach, Water | 0 comments

Absolutely awesome! This juice recipe rivals our previous favorite, Rainbow Juice. With a sweet, yet well rounded flavor, this recipe makes the moderately intensive

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Berry Blue Smoothie

Posted in Blackberries, Blueberries, Kale, Pears, Recipes, Water | 0 comments

Surprisingly bland, this smoothie tasted of nothing with a slight aftertaste of kale liquid. Preparation was delightfully simple and the recipe made a large volume.

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Key Lime Kiwi Smoothie

Posted in Honey, Ice cubes, Kiwi, Lime juice, Pears, Recipes, Water | 0 comments

This recipe is a little odd but very refreshing. The pear and kiwi combine to have a very pleasant smoothie consistency – neither too runny nor chunky, slimy or thick. The honey was

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Kent Mango Bliss

Posted in Banana, Mango, Pears, Recipes, SmoothieQuest Favorite, Swiss Chard | 0 comments

This recipe is an excellent combination of leafy greens and subtly sweet fruit. The chard does not come through as interference and the three fruits combine in a nice flavor balance. The slimy nature of the mango

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Intermediate’s Green Smoothie

Posted in Kale, Pears, Raspberry, Recipes, SmoothieQuest Favorite, Water | 0 comments

Awesome and completely surprising. The three pears made the smoothie heavy enough to be a nice meal replacement. What was really surprising was how great the combination

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