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A tale of many smoothies

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ow SmoothieQuest was Born

We started our smoothie journey after making the shocking discovery that our favorite local smoothie joint used powders and syrups to make their smoothies.  With a craving for fresh fruits and vegetables, we decided to try making smoothies at home.  In addition to saving money and having a greater variety of recipes to choose from, making daily smoothies suddenly became a fun and easy way to get an extra dose of fresh produce, without having to leave the house.

After a few smoothie attempts with a blender from the 1980s, we decided to upgrade to a model that would get the job done faster and better.  After doing a little research, the Vitamix TurbloBlend VS was discovered as a fantastic, reputable blender that fell within our budget, could blend efficiently and was easy to clean.

After using the awesome Vitamix to create a few less-than-delicious smoothies, we realized that others must be making the same mistakes.  We decided to embark on a quest to discover the absolutely best recipes and provide reviews to prevent others from wasting precious produce on questionable smoothies.  Using HD video and a searchable recipe database, SmoothieQuest was born!

Thanks for reading!
+Chelsea Vaughn

PS.  Our most recent project has been following our love of great coffee.  We opened up a coffee roastery in Silver City, NM in April of 2015.  It’s called Bean Vivant and we roast amazing coffee beans from around the world.

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